Shopper left mortified after PLT bikini turned see-through in water

A mortified shopper mocked Pretty Little Thing’s ‘comical and outrageous’ response to her complaint that one of their bikinis turns transparent in water.

Emily Charlton-Smith, from Clapham, south , was left red-faced after her £17 bikini became completely translucent in water.

Emily had worn the bikini to the pool yesterday while on holiday in , but was left scrambling for cover when it turned completely see-through in the water.

The 25-year-old took to Instagram to complain to the company, but was left perplexed when a customer service adviser asked for her to send a video of her demonstrating the garment’s transparency.

Emily Charlton-Smith, from Clapham, south London, was left red-faced after her £17 bikini became completely translucent in water

Screen shots of the conversation show an adviser, Nowman, asking Emily for proof of the incident. 

The message read: ‘Can you send us video of this so we can see how thin it has become this item has become?’

Taken aback she responded: ‘As in a video of it going see-through when I wear it?’

An hour later, Nowman disappeared from the conversation and a different customer adviser issued a sincere apology for the blunder, writing: ‘I’m so sorry, that was advised wrong, can you send us a photo of your hand under the bikini to show how see through it is.’

Emily claimed the £17 bikini she bought from PrettyLittleThing went completely see-through when she got in the pool in Spain

Emily was asked to send in a photo of her hand underneath the garment when it was wet to prove how thin it had become – after she was asked to send a video as proof

Emily took to Instagram to share the exchange with her followers with the caption: ‘I’m not sure what’s worse @PrettyLittleThing’s Nowman asking me for a video in my see-through bikini or the customer service team telling me bikinis are for poolside posing only’.

‘I’ll save you the nude free porno wallpapers video (soz Nowman) but this is what we’re working with.’

Images accompanying the post show Emily’s white bikini turned completely translucent after being held under water.

In response to her complaints, a PrettyLittleThing customer services adviser said: ‘From the material it can be expected to happen, most of our bikinis we do advise for them to be worn for poolside posing based on this.’

Emily shared the cringeworthy conversation she had with a customer service rep on her Instagram Stories

She was informed that the swimwear item was intended for ‘poolside posing only’ due to the material it’s made from

Emily couldn’t believe that she’d bought a bikini that wasn’t suitable to be worn in water

Emily then shared photos of her hand beneath the wet bikini to show just how see-through it had become

During her conversation with the PLT rep, Emily explained she’d been embarrassed when the item turned see-through in a ‘crowded pool environment’

Speaking today, Emily explained how she saw the funny side of the messages.

She said: ‘You have to laugh that they asked for a video initially, I think that would have sent most people over the edge, but I let it play out as I’ve worked in retail and try to be helpful.

‘The best and most mortifying part is that they said bikinis are for “poolside posing”.

‘I posted it on my Instagram story and have had so many people express their frustrations for me and some have had similar experiences.’

PrettyLittleThing have previously been in hot water over the quality of their swimwear after images of another bikini designed for ‘poolside posing only’ went viral.

FEMAIL has reached out to PrettyLittleThing for comment. 

Thankfully Emily had packed another bikini with her, which she posed in for an Instagram snap

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