Married At First Sight Australia's Mick Gould becomes a SEX SYMBOL

He raised a few eyebrows with his mullet hairstyle and handlebar moustache. 

But it’s fair to say that Australia star’s Mick Gould, 33, has been branded something of an unlikely following his appearance on the show. 

The handsome 6ft 5″ plasterer and farmer, who lost half a finger while building a fence, is famed for saying ‘flamin’ galah’, and married Jessika Power, 28, in the show. 

‘Straight out of a 70s cowboy porno!’ Married At First Sight Australia’s Mick Gould has become an unlikely SEX SYMBOL as ‘bloody gorgeous’ farmer brings back the mullet and moustache

Nothing wrong here: Mick took a visit to the barber’s and had a mullet and moustache to ‘annoy the missus’ after marrying Jessika Power on the cult reality show 

And while MailOnline won’t be giving any spoilers as to whether or not the union lasted, fans across the world would love to walk down the aisle with him. 

Viewers branded him a ‘legend’ and ‘straight out of a 70s cowboy porno’ after he took a visit to the barber’s and had a mullet and moustache to ‘annoy the missus.’ 

And co-stars Nick Furphy and Mike Gunner both sported tashes during the show in homage to their friendship. 

Flamin’ galah!6ft 5″ farmer and plasterer Mick as branded a ‘legend’ for his loud shirts, hilarious sayings, facial hair and his love of work boots 

Fans wrote on his social media: ‘Bloody gorgeous!’ and ‘Bring back the stash!’ as they heaped praise on the love god 

Fans have written on Mick’s social media: ‘Is anyone else seeing this guy like I am..straight out of a 70s cowboy porno.’

‘You’re a legend! Fav guy on the show!’

‘Bloody gorgeous!’ and ‘Bring back the stash!’ 

‘I actually like the new look, suits u that hair cut.’ 

Get the man a calendar shoot: Mick started off the show with designer stubble and a trim hairstyle, but those rugged good looks remained (as did the loud shirts) 

Ouch!He was left red-faced at his wedding when his best man gave an inappropriate wedding speech which referenced Viagra. Pictured left, Jessika Power

‘You actually really suit this look haha @mick_gould86.’

The show first aired in Australia in 2019 and has now come to the UK and Mick revealed what really happened to his missing finger.  

The down to earth guy from Queensland joked that he was attacked by a dingo while camping before explaining what really happened.

Oh, Mick!The show first aired in Australia in 2019 and has now come to the UK and forex automated trading robot expert advisor hub Mick revealed what really happened to his missing finger – he hit it with a hammer

‘I went camping on Fraser Island, and we were cooking up a bit of a feed before going to bed one night,’ he jokingly told 9Honey back in 2019.  

‘…I had a bit of a sausage in me hand and I fell over and passed out, and one of the dingos come along and bloody chomped on it and bit it.’ 

He went on to explain that the accident actually occurred while he was at home. 

He said: ‘I was fencing at me house actually and it was on a star picket…I’m having a bit of a whack down – as I’ve pulled up she started to go a bit so I grabbed it… it was like a banana getting hit by a hammer and [shooting] out the sides. 

He loves his meat: Mick is a farmer and plasterer and loves to be in the great outdoors 

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