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Reckless couple film porn in a moving Tesla they had put on autopilot

A female adult entertainer and her boyfriend filmed a video of themselves having sex in a moving Tesla while it was in self-driving mode with other cars speeding past and have proudly shared it online. 

Taylor Jackson, 19, who has dubbed herself ‘Tesla Taylor,’ admitted that the duo knocked the car out of autopilot during their sexual encounter, while other vehicles drove past them.

‘I did bump the steering wheel, knocked it out of Autopilot,’ she said. ‘It was mainly a straight road but it had a lot of traffic. We had a lot of cars driving by us.’

The novice adult film entrepreneur later uploaded the video to Pornhub, where it garnered lots of attention. 

Taylor Jackson, 19 (pictured at the start of the video), who has been dubbed ‘Tesla Taylor,’ filmed herself having sex wit...

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Eight Places To Get Deals On Best Baccarat Strategy

First of all, there’s no need to master your time management skills if you don’t have a clear vision of where you are heading. There’s always a possibility that things won’t unfold as expected. Let’s face it: we all have 24 hours in a day and there’s no such thing as “managing time.” The good news is that we can manage our attention and focus. Let’s say at 10 a.m. Watch 1 or 2 chess game analysis videos from @agadmator because I want to follow what’s going on in the current chess tournament. Without a vision, you have little chance of creating the results you want and feeling joy and excitement to keep on going...

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